I know for a lot of people reading this (if anyone ever deigns this blog worthy of viewing), especially if you know me personally, writing in a blog might seem surprising to you in one of two ways.
     First, I see myself as relatively technologically savvy and a blog is an almost normal means of communication nowadays.  To not blog is to be unconnected.  I don’t have a tumblr account and barely, if ever, use my twitter handle.  Instead, I think that a blog will better facilitate my thoughts about the topics I wish to discuss.
     Second, I am not a great writer.  I’ve never been a great writer.  I hope that a blog about things in which I hold some kind of interest spurs me to write both more professionally and succinctly.  Efficiency in words and thought is important to me and I know, from my own experience, that I have a tendency to ramble.
     As to what this blog will be about – I’m not 100% decided on that subject.  The name of the blog is Melancholics Anonymous – a rather vague yet subject-oriented title.  I am a Master’s student in counseling and I think that a lot of the material on here will have to do with my on-going study in the subject.  My concerns, complaints, diatribes, dreams, and pseudo-lectures will be here for all to see. 
     I’m not doing this out of the goodness of my heart.  I think that I have some good ideas and would like to share them, not give them away.  If anything is used from this blog (which would be both amazingly flattering and worrying for me at the same time) I expect a professional reference in my name.  I also hope that anyone reading this will give me their honest opinion of my work in the comments section.
     I have been writing in my own journals on the subject of psychotherapy for about a year now and have nigh 170 pages worth of work to show for it.  I won’t be starting from the beginning, but will throw in new and old ideas as I see fit.  Some of them are only halfway finished and deserve another read-through before being published. 

     Please visit the menu to the right of page in order to see the names and dates of my "published" blog entries.  Other than that, I wish you happy reading and hope that my thoughts stimulate your own.  Thank you. 

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