Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Role of Diagnosis

     Why does diagnosis exist?  I think that a "diagnosis talk" should exist with clients who receive one from a clinical professional.  There is an obvious stigma in most cultures against people with such titles.  Perhaps as a clinical community, we can subtly change the message of diagnosis from one of hindrance and abnormality to one of medical jargon and record-keeping.
     I really think that a diagnosis would be better suited as a description/shorthand for some behaviors that help professionals understand the client.  Rather than saying, "You are a schizophrenic," or, "You have schizophrenia," why not say, "Schizophrenia is the best name one can give your behaviors?"  The former message gives a title and with it and with it an assumption of status.  The latter is more of an agreement between professionals as to what behaviors a client exhibits.  This should not be a label!

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