Wednesday, September 9, 2015


     There are many pseudo-therapies out there. These are psychotherapeutic techniques that seem to masquerade as theories, but are in fact, not. The list includes such modern staples as motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavior therapy. It is important to note why those, in my opinion, are not theories/therapies unto themselves, but are, rather, techniques only.
     Each one of these methods has one thing in common: they do not go far enough. It's not necessarily that they don't go deep enough, for I don't want to make this an issue of depth versus non-depth therapies; I think that this merely has more to do with the fact that motivational interviewing and CBT seem to me to be natural segues to other therapies. Talking about thoughts is all well and good, but where did they come from? What is their impact on the client and others?
     Now that I am thinking about it . . . yes, the problem is really that these two methods don't go deep enough. It seems irresponsible to me to stop early when there is most likely much going on in the client's life that needs examination.

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