Monday, May 16, 2016

Client Responsibilities

     A very good book idea might be one where I outline not the process of therapy, but rather the responsibilities and right of the therapee. Expectations of therapy would be vital. I would talk about stages of therapy, but constantly re-inform the reader  that they must ask their therapist questions. Asking questions to and of the therapist is a client's best tool. It allows a client to shield themselves from counter-transference; it allows a client to gain more understanding of themselves - something crucial in practice; it allows the client to increase their knowledge of the clinician in such a way to increase the bond between these two disparate points.
     I think that a client must be told that his/her self is the most powerful force in the therapeutic alliance. A clinician receives and reflects only; that is, a good clinician receives or reflects with very minimal else. The clinician and the client do work together; the clinician does not do work in spite of the client. This is called psychoeducation and is not true therapy.

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